Dental Services in Grande Prairie, Alberta

Grande Prairie Family Dental is a comprehensive family dental practice that offers a full range of general and cosmetic dental services.

General Dentistry

General dental services encompass both preventive oral health treatment and care for cavities and other issues. General dentistry services for the entire family include cleanings, patient education, metal-free fillings, root canal therapy, wisdom tooth removal, sealants, dentures and much more.

Crowns and Bridges:

A crown is a cap fitted over a tooth to restore its size, strength or shape and improve its appearance. A bridge is a replacement for a missing tooth or teeth held in place by two crowns on either side, called abutments.

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Metal-Free Dentistry:

Because we have a strong cosmetic dentistry focus, patients with cavities receive white composite filling materials that provide a more natural look than traditional metal fillings. White composite resin is also safer than metal, which can damage and discolour teeth.

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Neuromuscular Dentistry:

Over time, chewing, dental work, grinding and clenching teeth can lead to migraines, TMJ, ringing ears and other uncomfortable complications. This field holistically treats the teeth, muscles and joints to resolve issues caused by this type of wear and tear.

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Wisdom Teeth:

These four additional molars appear between the ages of 15 and 25. Because there is not enough space in the jaw to accommodate the wisdom teeth, removal can prevent issues like infection, crowding, cysts and impaction.

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Also known as a root canal, endodontic treatment is the process of removing infected, injured or dead pulp from inside a tooth before filling the cavity. Left untreated, an infected tooth can develop an abscess, which causes pain and swelling and can spread to other areas.

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Nitrous Oxide:

Patients who feel anxious about receiving dental care can opt for sedation dentistry using nitrous oxide. Our dentists are fully licensed to provide this type of anesthesia, which has few side effects and even allows the patient to drive after having a procedure.


If you snore, Somnodent can help. This custom-fitted appliance is designed to treat snoring caused by sleep apnea, a serious medical condition in which the airway becomes repeatedly blocked as you sleep. Left untreated, it can cause a host of other health problems.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental services are designed to boost confidence by improving the appearance of your smile.

Smile Design:

Customize the appearance of your smile with reconstruction, using state-of-the-art simulated imagery to create an individualized treatment plan. Free smile design consultations are available.

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Get a whiter smile with a choice between two treatment plans. Pearl whitening system is done in a one-hour office visit, while custom-made whitening trays are made with impressions of your teeth for use at home.

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These thin porcelain covers are bonded onto individual teeth to correct discolouration, stains, crookedness, chips, cracks and erosion. They are custom-made for a seamless, natural fit that creates a whiter, more balanced smile.

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Botox is a facial treatment that refreshes the face to provide a more rested, youthful appearance. Thin needles are inserted just under the skin, injecting a substance that blocks nerve signals to the muscles. This smooths the skin and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles.

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For more information on any or these services or to schedule an appointment, please call our office at 780-539-1151 today.