Many people believe that simply by brushing their teeth, it will make their breath smell revitalized and fresh. While brushing your teeth does improve your breath, there is a lot of bacteria in your mouth that can contribute to poor smelling breath; so how do you kill it? Here are a few tips to follow to have your breath smelling much better:

Prioritize Flossing:

Brush your teeth will help discard of food lingering around inside of your mouth, but it will not completely clean out the bacteria. In most cases, food that gets stuck in between your teeth is often what leads to the formation of bad breath. It is critical to floss your teeth at least once a day (when you wake up, after meals, or before bed) to reduce the risk of food sticking around in your mouth for too long. Not only will this negatively affect the condition of your breath it can lead to further oral health issues including cavities and tooth decay.

Clean Your Tongue:

You may take extraordinary care of your teeth and your gums, but if your tongue is caked in plaque, the bacteria is merely lying dormant on your tongue. This bacteria will cause very poor breath, and unless treated it can pose serious oral health concerns. To reduce the chances of bad breath, stemming from your tongue it is recommended that you invest in a tongue scraper. Available at most retail or pharmaceutical stores, a tongue scraper is an optimal tool to help get rid of caked up bacteria or dead skin cells that have coagulated on your tongue. There are also toothbrushes with tongue brushes available, so keep an eye out for those when purchasing your next toothbrush.

Avoid Foods That Emanate Bad Odours

The food that you eat determines the quality of your breath far past brushing your teeth. When you eat foods that harness odorous scents, the smell does not lie just in your mouth or on your tongue, in fact, it’s emanating from inside of you. That’s right when you eat foods like garlic or onions, they enter your bloodstream and therefore head straight to your lungs where you breathe out the odour. This can stick around with you for multiple hours, so we recommend not eating these kinds of foods before big or important events where you need to converse with people. Certain hygiene products like mouthwash can help dilute the power of the odour but may not get rid of the smell altogether.

Bad breath is not only a sign of poor oral health, but it can also be detrimental to your confidence and happiness if it’s left untreated. With proper dental care, routine check-ups, and at home maintenance, you can take care of bad breath and retake your confidence. If you are having issues with your breath, contact Grande Prairie Dental Clinic, and we will get you the help you need and ensure that your oral health is in excellent condition moving forward.