Project Description


This treatment aims at refreshing the appearance of the patient’s face. Dr. Kali received her certification to offer this treatment from University of Alberta. You can save time by allowing us to take care of the health and look of both your teeth and skin.

How does it work?

Products such as purified Botulinum toxin are injected just under the skin. Typically done without anesthesia, the needles used are ultra short and thin. The product disrupts the nerve signals to the muscles so they do not contract as hard. This relaxation of the muscles causes the skin to smooth out, diminishing wrinkles. Results will be noticeable after two to three days and the effects last for up to six months. The treatment then needs to be repeated but the frequency of required treatments lessens over time. Facial cosmetic treatments are growing in popularity worldwide and have generally proven to be safe.

Who is it for?

Those who want cosmetic enhancement for:
Wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet)
Frown lines
Wrinkled forehead
The appearance of a square face: This can result from the clenching and grinding of teeth bulking up the muscles around the jaw. This treatment can prevent these muscles from contracting hard, thereby helping reverse the square jaw considerably.

Neuromodulators infographic

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