Teeth Whitening

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Project Description

Teeth Whitening

Grande Prairie Family Dental Clinic offers its clients 2 different types of tooth whitening:

Spa Dent In-chair Whitening

is a 1/2 hour process that combines patient comfort and ease of use. No need for isolation and in most cases no sensitivity.

Custom Made Whitening Trays

involve a quick 15-minute appointment where impressions of your teeth are made. You will then receive your whitening kit and trays 2-3 days after the impressions were taken. At the time of pick up, a team member will go over proper use and care of your whitening kit.

Whitening takes approximately 2 weeks.

*Whitening is not permanent. Depending on personal habits (smoking, coffee, etc.), you may need to boost the whitening 6 months to a year later.

Side by side comparison of yellowed teeth versus white teeth

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