Going into your family dentist’s office for a routine check-up is imperative to ensure your oral health stays in good standing. Upon further inspection by your family dentist, they may notice that one or more of your teeth are showing signs of decay. Decay is often a sign that you have an undiagnosed cavity, and until it is rectified, you may experience pain and discomfort when you chew food, drink hot or cool drinks or talk. Traditionally, cavities have been filled with metal, but modern dental technology has introduced a metal-free solution, and it’s worth asking your dentist about it. Here are four reasons this should interest you:

Composite Resin Bonds Better to Your Teeth

One complaint that has remained constant with metal fillings is their tendency to leak over time, causing the patient to re-arrange an appointment with their family dentist to re-fill their cavity. Composite resin fillings are bonded to the exposed cavity and are then cured to ensure the filling is never compromised. Composite resin bonds boast a higher success rate for accurate sealings compared to metal fillings.

Breaks Teeth

Teeth that have been restored with silver fillings tend to break at some point. Because of this it can result in an even larger restoration to strengthen the tooth. Metal doesn’t belong in your mouth in the long term, of course, people that require braces are an exception, but for people with a cavity, composite resin fillings are the way to go to reduce sensitivity.

Inconspicuous Appearance

So much of your self-esteem and self-confidence is derived from your smile; whether you’re on a date, spending time with family members, or delivering a big presentation at work, you need to be proud of your smile. Unfortunately, the application of metal fillings can be seen from certain angles, and if you don’t want them to be seen, then your best option is to choose composite resin fillings. When composite fillings are applied, the shade/colour of the filling matches the colour of your teeth, which means nobody will ever need to know you have them!

No Waste

Metal cavities are not as popular in the dental industry as they once were, and part of this is because of their environmentally unconscientious effects. When metal fillings are applied to correct a cavity, there are often metal remnants that cannot be further used. That leftover metal is thrown into the garbage and makes its way into our landfills and water systems, which can pose a risk to our public health and safety.
Composite resin fillings are an ideal solution to correct cavities and prevent tooth decay. For more information on this matter, contact Grande Prairie Family Dental Clinic today!