Establishing and maintaining proper oral care is an imperative component to sustaining your permanent teeth for the rest of your life. However, there is a common fear or phobia of visiting the dentist and sitting through the dental procedures, which results in patients postponing routine checkups or surgical procedures. For individuals with anxieties, fears or phobias about visiting the dentist, dental sedation may be right for you! Here are a few of the benefits of choosing dental sedation:


Reduces Anxiety


Anxiety is a significant reason that people hold off on visiting the dentist. Feelings of dental anxiety can occur for many reasons: past experiences, trust issues, fear of having no control and many other phobias such as claustrophobia. Unfortunately, dental patients that suffer from these fears & anxieties may not receive the proper care they require. Feelings of anxiety can cause shakiness, uncontrollable twitching, sweating, visible worries and increased blood pressure, which can make oral surgeries and procedures nearly impossible to complete in a safe manner. Dental sedation allows patients suffering from fears & anxieties about visiting the dentist the opportunity to calm & relax their nerves, so they can receive the necessary dental care they deserve.


Will Not Aggravate Phobias


Majority of the patients that suffer from fears of the dentist typically have had a negative experience while in the dentist’s chair. Generally, fears are associated with physical pain, so it may worry patients young and old to get back into the chair. Thankfully, oral sedation prevents the brain from retaining new memories when it begins to take full effect. While under the effects of oral sedation, any operation, surgery, or dental cleaning will be scarcely remembered or will be completely forgotten by the patient since the brain will not be able to retain any new memories. Oral sedation can help minimize feelings of anxiousness and nervousness for prior visits as they begin to grow more comfortable with dental procedures.


No Gag Reflex


Your gag reflex is an important bodily function that prevents unwanted foreign objects from going down your throat, preventing you from choking or serious internal damage.  Individuals with an overly active gag reflex may stall or disrupt the dental procedure entirely making it impossible to provide accurate & efficient care. An overactive gag reflex may also damage internal damage depending on the work the dentist is performing which could further complicate matters. Sedation dentistry provides optimal dental care to those with a gag reflex the opportunity to receive proper dental care without additional worry.


Visiting the dentist is important, not just for your oral health, but for making sure your overall well-being is in excellent condition. Proper dental care can reduce your risk of gum disease, heart disease and stroke, but dentists must be able to perform their duties to the best of their abilities without restraint. Dental sedation provides comfort and relaxation for nervous or anxious patients and allows dentists to complete their work accurately and efficiently.